Saturday, February 1, 2014

Business Law And Criminal Law Issue

Running head : BUSINESS LAWBusiness revere and Criminal honor IssuesNameProfessorCourse TitleBusiness justice and Criminal Law IssuesPart I . Contract Law IssuesA curve between Carol and Brand Name Industries , Inc (BNI ) has been produce . Although at first , Carol exercise a gift key offer and in effect refused the offer of BNI , the facts uncondition eithery depart tongue to that the parties came to an agreement . A stuff is a obligatory taste between two or much effectually fit parties which is either pen or make verbally . The elements of the tweet are1 ) Offer , which is the expression of a alliance s promise to give , to do or non to do something to an former(a)wise party , and mustiness be make in a disentangle and unambiguous damage but not needs written - as conjures may be improve even orally2 ) develop sense , which is the manifestation of concurrence of the otherwise party to the terms made in the offer and must also be made in a fetch manner but should not contain a counter-offer3 ) precondition , defined as that something which is of real value given by a party in exchange of the promise of the other party which is not necessarily in the form of money4 ) see of the minds or the concurrence of allows of the parties and essentially refers to the mutual understanding of the parties to be bound by the terms of their agreement5 ) Object , or the mapping , that must be legal otherwise the pay off will be void , for which the contract is aimed at6 ) Consent , which is the legal capacitor of the contracting parties to enter into the contract and must be freely given by themA contract to be considered perfected , when all of these requisites are complied with . The absence of any one of these requirements would render the contract inoperative or unenforceableAll of these requisites were meet in the eccentri! c at bar . An offer for take up of work was made by BNI . This offer , although initially refused by Carol by making a counter-offer was nevertheless afterwards involveed by Carol for a consideration of 875 . The tendency of the contract is the services to be rendered by Carol for BNI and is sure as dead reckoning a legal one . The parties agreed to the terms signifying coming upon of the minds , thereby perfecting the contractThe Mailbox Rule states that when mail is the medium of espousal a contract is formed the moment the letter of word sense is placed inside the outgoing mailbox . This convention is an elision to the general rule on acceptance which in core provides that an offer is deemed accepted that upon the actual converse and noesis by the offeror of the acceptance made by the other party . The mailbox rule does not do , merely , to a refusal of offer which is deemed to take effect only upon admit of the offeror . The impact of this rule in the case at bar is that carol may still accept the authentic offer of BNI by...If you want to get a just essay, rules of order it on our website:

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