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This essay is about Rave Culture and the major Catagories/types of individuals that fit into the complex puzzles of "ravers"

Krodami English 121 28 February 2003 We Dont Have Fashion What is it with teens and their crazy contrive trends? wherefore must(prenominal) they attract so much attention to themselves? Do they recognize how stupid they look? Lastly, I sometimes ponder, Why perfection? Why? These are a few questions that were deviation to be answered in a recent essay that I was reading. As I read through the rest of the essay, none of these questions were in reality universe cleared up, but rather more(prenominal) stereotypes were being heaped onto the pile of what used to be Youth. erst I reached the last of the paper, no questions had been answered and the author had offici aloney painted himself ignorant. though I do not know what the author was assay to accomplish, I am sack shed a diminished vex out on teenagers and their fashion choices. Since there is a rather bear-sized spectrum of teenage fashion, from formal to histrionic, I am going to burble nigh one extrem e, fashion of the rave culture, (the life-style of youth that attend raves). There are five major classes of youth, sort not by how much money they make, how prudish their cable car or house is, or their sociable status, but just by what they get into to a rave. The commencement ceremony congregation has been designate as Candy Ravers. The classic agency of a somebody in this category is a female, with all of a sudden hair, thats usually in barrettes or pigtails; She is usually carrying around stuffed animals, and is often found sucking on a lollipop or pacifier. She will dedicate body glitter wherever she feels and more often than not will have Arp 2 stickers on each cheek. Candy Ravers sport/wear a habilitate with a childhood hero such(prenominal) as My Little Pony, make out Bears, Strawberry Shortcake, etc. For pants... is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
--References --> A very good verbal description of the fashion and categorization of rave culture. Your entropy was quite accurate. However, I feel that you only explored the physical part of rave culture. You neer went into any depth close the brand name of/in belonging to one group or another. From my exprience at raves, I have found that the majority of ravers havent any qualms some migling w/ others. Also, I have noticed that there is a group that you missed-the breakers, or breakdancers (the people who take all the distance from the already crowded dance floor). Good paper, but who cares about stereotypes. We need to put a stop to that.. not authorize ground it by writing papers about it. If you compulsion to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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