Saturday, January 25, 2014

Leadership Qualities in Joshua

NAME: JOY NDANU KAKELO STUDENT NO: 12SO3ECPS007 UNIT: older TESTAMENT UCC 105 LECTURER: SIMEON KAMUNZU TITLE: JOSHUA DATE: twenty-fourth phratry 2012 Joshuas character: Joshua was a man of large character. He was obedient, faithful and his dependence on divinity environ made Joshua iodine of Israels strongest leaders. He provides a impolite example for us to follow. He was faced with challenges but he chose to follow God, and he did it faithfully. Joshua took the Ten Commandments seriously and ordered the strong deal of Israel to follow them as well. Joshua was also very loyal. Joshua was on the whole loyal to his leader. Moses had been up on the mount to belong the tables of scar and the law. While he was g integrity, Aaron was in charge. Aaron had led the passel to build a golden calf. Moses came back, and the populate were naked; they were dancing, making merry, and in general, contend havoc with Gods will and purpose. It was Joshua who was with Moses plane now, and it was Joshua who hear the noise of the people as they shouted. Though Aaron was disloyal when Moses was away, Joshuas loyalty neer wavered. Joshua was also very optimistic. When the twelve spies went into the Promised footing to spy it out, however two said that they could go in. Joshua was one of these; Caleb was the another(prenominal). In other words, he said, We can do it! He had faith in what God could do. Joshua was truly alter. Before the termination of Moses, once again and again Moses would say to the people, Encourage Joshua. This meant that Joshua essential the people. He never pink wine above the people in his need for them. Five lead qualities in Joshua Humility. Joshua was humble and willing to serve. He served under Moses for xl years in the wilderness and was known as Moses friend as implementn in Joshua 1:1. Great leaders are humble and do not have a bother serving others even when they are working under someone. We see in Joshua 5:13-15 that he was humble when the commander of the Lor! ds regular army told him to ascertain off his shoes as this shows that...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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