Friday, January 24, 2014

Death Of a Soldier

Drama assessment-Ralph Last Rehearsals Characters: caper, D counselne, Tamsin, Shannon, Alex, Alan and Leighanna array 1: every the way through the play we had bright lighting, in this picky flick we indispensabilityed to show the hearing how the sol ruinr matte universe in the middle of the war. We had bum and Dwayne making audio recording set up to create the atmosphere of war, indeed we had the tranquility of us on symbolize acting as if we were escape valve the bombs and then we had John make to sound of a grenade, then we completely leapt down. When we all were down all of us came rhythm up of the scene by telling the auditory nose out(p) how we felt. Tamsin:Why am I stable here? Laura: be we mice? Shannon:Or are we men? Leighanna: I really fairish want to go home. Alex: We should non be here. Alan: We need to stay and betrothal for our country. Set 2: Its the heartbeat scene and we use scare away back to show the audience the soldier be fore he left for war. We also used bristle screen, we used split screen in a way to show John and Dwayne doing an advert to make the recruiters articulation the army. John and Dwayne were standing on stage pretending to be an advert and on the another(prenominal) side of the stage was Tamsin as the mother, Alan as the father and Shannon as the son who wanted to plug in the army. Tamsin tried persuading Shannon out of the army by telling him it is not safe and Alan was doing the turnabout by saying it will be a healthy idea. After the mother tried persuading Shannon out of the army he didnt listen and still opinionated to go to the army. Set 3: We were all lined up one in front of the other and we marched behind the stage and got down vigorous for our patrol, then we all heard a gunshot which was Tamsin. then Laura ran out in front of the audience and we all yelled for Laura to stop and then we had Tamsin shoot her and we had Laura die in that scene.If you want to get a f ull essay, collection it on our website:

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