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Bacteriology (late 19th discovery of bacteria with light microscope)-Pasteur, Koch, and Lister founded the reservoir theory of disease which states what specific microorganism ca examples a disease. Virology (1930s, discipline of ECM (100,000x) allowing vision of the first virus (Yellow Fever) Immunology-1960s immunity is vindication and exculpation against dangerous microbes or their toxins. Vaccines atomic number 18 used to roseola this defense response and prevent both further contagion by generating a host defense response. An innate immunity is present at birth and make up of anatomical barriers (skin which is fat and mucous membranes which are thin), lysozymes that lyse bacteria and are found in gamey concentration of tears, the stomach stomachic acid of pH1-2, and cilia which use a sweeping motion in the lungs to brush remote trapped bacteria in mucous membranesthis can be slowed in cold temperatures increasing chances of pneumonia. Serology i s the determine of serum usage. serum is plasma without the components of clot, which can be disordered by centrifugation. serum antibodies are clues to infections that a person has already had. A diagnostic test detects the antigen via the antibody reaction and are cognize as serological test.
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Antigens and antibody reactions have a very high specificity allowing these test to testify the results of the infection. Two major areas of Immunology are molecular immunology (protein chemistry) and cellular immunology. cellular immunology contains lymphatic system (drain tissue quiet into lymph nodes), phagocytosis, and lymphokines (chemical med! iators of the cell arbitrate immune response) which are mostly produced by thymus delay hypersensitivity cells Tdh. Adaptive Immune System (disease trash mechanism against microorganisms and neoplasm cells) Two branches: Humoral Immunity and cellular Humoral Immunity is antibody mediated with five different antibody classes (IgM,IgA,IgD,igG,igE) Ig=immunoglobulinda Gamma globulin is found in...If you want to conk out a full essay, request it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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