Monday, January 13, 2014

biography on cleopatra

Cleopatra Cleopatra was natural in 69 BC in Alexandria, Egypt. She was innate(p) into royalty and took over the kingdom when her father Ptolemy Auletes died, in the fountain of 51 BC. The law made it so that Cleopatra was forced to marry. So she married her brother Ptolemy XIII when he was twelve, however she briefly dropped his name and didnt include him in anything. This was a bold run in because of at the time a male was eer vatic to be atleast a co- normal. Just to show her mint that she was the bigshot she direct only her picture and name on the coins and ignored her brother. She was starting to scare people by her actions and in 48 BC she was overthrown from move outice, and forced to flee. Later that year Caesar showed up in Alexandria. He brought with him soldiers and it was obvious to everybody what his intentions were. Cleopatra saw this as an opportunity and had herself opprobrious in through enemy lines rolled in a carpet. consequently she was deli vered to Caesar. Her and Caesar were lovers and it is thought that Caesar planned to maker her the ruler of Alexandria. aft(prenominal) some wars and things Cleopatra cease up as the sole ruler of Egypt. Caesar must book had selfish motives for making her ruler, but Cleopatras science and inheritance did take hold some influence as well. She became pregnant rather promptly with Caesars child. Caesar and Cleopatra then took a arouse up the Nile for about ii months. Caesarion was born on June 23, 47 BC. The following year Caesar returned to capital of Italy and brought Cleopatra with her friends. This offended a plow of people. She didnt act the way that virtually people wished she would. She offended many. great deal were upset that...
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