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Home turn over Help: Social Studies: terra firma Issues: Why A Womans Place Is Not The Home by Brizzzy Naqa When a man comes home,he is supposed to lead his dinner on the table ,which is of course do by his wife, and a wo takeforce is supposed to clean on the whole daylight and in any case do house cultivate too.This is a prejudiced separate and I really disagree with it because both(prenominal) hands and wo manpower be match, so a lot of the time both adults withdraw c ar of the housekeeping and readiness because nearly wo workforce will non waste their time obsessing about cleanup and things.But so again there ar somewhat men who are passing lazy and who dont work. Their wives work and have to take compassionate of the set uping and cleaning just exchangeable in the picture syllabus The Simpsons which I know isnt real life however serene can happen. Just to show that Im not beingness sexist against men there are also some men who work extremely hard at work and also do cleaning and readiness like my dad. I envisage that a womans model is not the home because mayhap that was confessedly ages ago, guess in the 1960s!, but definitely not now. Women do not do all the ironing, cleaning and formulation because they have better, more important things to do in their lives ,like work so that they can actually earn a live alternatively of the man in the house working. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
I think that both women and men are equal because most women work and that means that they dont quell at home and clean. If everyone all did their part in the housework and all contributed to keep th e house neat and tidy by doing chores and th! ings like that than this wouldnt be an issue .Thats the solution to this problem.Men and women could take it in turns to cook or clean and it would ,in both ways be afterwards a hard days work. . A womans place is not the home, and this statement is utterly and totally rubbish because men and women work and men and women clean and cook, so both sexes are equal at doing things so you might as healthy say that men and womens place is in the home. They share the cooking and cleaning so...If you want to get a full essay, ramble it on our website:

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